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Thrill Power Latest FAQ

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How does it work?

Herbs from the many parts of the world are formulated into a blend that enlarges the penis erectile tissues called corpa cavernosa. This allows for increased blood flow into the penis in both an erect or flaccid state, Thus giving an extra virility.

Is Thrill Power 100 percent vegetarian?

Yes, this is in the capsule form and it is suitable for both - the vegetarians and the non vegetarians. the ingredients are 100 percent vegetarian, containing no meet, fish or any derivatives or extracts.

How many capsules should i be taking?

Take two capsules before going to bed. Thrill Power is best when taken after meals. It is best to stick to a routine such as taking 2 capsules after your dinner. Do not exceed the daily amount as this will not provide any extra benefits in that case. one course contains 50 capsules.

Are there any side effects in taking this course?

No, Thrill Power capsule are non - prescription formula that are 100 percent safe and made of natural ingredients. However, if you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients, then do not take the capsule. it is always advisable to consult with doctor in any case. the Thrill Power capsule is not intended to diagnose, threat, cure or prevent any desease.

How long will it take to see and feel the results during 1-4 weeks?

The most noticeable change will be expansion in width of your penis. You should also experience and enjoy loner lasting erections. In weeks 4-8, you should start to see a lengthening of your penis. Even when you are not excited and don't have an erection, your penis should rest and hang longer and thicker then ever before. Week 9 and beyond, you will realise the power of Thrill Power capsule as your penis should look and feel firmer, strong and longer.

Can it help with impotence / erection problems?

For those who prefer a more natural approach to finding a treatment of impotence, the list of natural remedies is long, and each comes with reports of varying success rates. The more well known of these include ginkgo biloba, which is said to improve circulation, and ginseng, which for centuries has been said to stimulate many different areas of the body. One lesser- know herbal treatment does, however, appear to have proven itself in clinical trials. This is the one containing extracts from the bark and roots of the brazilian shrub know as muira puama, or 'potency wood'. Thrill Power contains these ingredients and so has proved very effective in erection problems.

How big can i get with Thrill Power capsule?

We do not like to make claims on any guaranteed increase in lenghth as results vary between individuals, how ever the manufacturer suggests that based on historic data, you can realistically grow up to three inches in length over the duration of taking the supplement for atleast 3 months.

What are the ingredients of Thrill Power capsule?

It is a 100 percent safe , proprietary section of special herbs renowned for there special properties and blend in a powerfully effective combination. These special herbs have been gathered from around the globe. 1 capsule of Thrill Power contains centella asiatica, tribulas terristris, hemedesmus indicus, lonidiun suffruticosum.

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